Aaron's Story

Aaron Marcum is a Professional EOS Implementer® and Founder of VUE Advisors. 

In 2002, Aaron left the corporate world and started his first company.  Within 7 short years, Aaron took this company from start-up to the largest home care agency in the state of Utah.  In 2009, Aaron successfully sold this business and started Home Care Pulse, an organization focused on providing quality solutions for home care agencies.  Today Home Care Pulse works with nearly 2,000 home care agencies, employs over 120 people in Southeast Idaho and is the creator of the nationally recognized Best of Home Care® awards (bestofhomecare.com) which have been instrumental in raising the standard of home care throughout North America. 


Aaron is considered one of the foremost experts within the home care industry and has advised hundreds of providers on how to improve their business operations.  He is in high demand as a professional speaker throughout the country and in 2017 the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) awarded him with the prestigious Sheila McMackin Leadership Award. This honor is given to one individual each year who demonstrates outstanding vision, dedication and leadership to the home care industry. 


In early 2016, Aaron discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) after reading the book Traction by Gino Wickman. The Six Key Components™, referred to in the book, resonated with Aaron. He quickly began implementing EOS® within Home Care Pulse, along with an exceptional Professional EOS Implementer®, to ensure lasting success. EOS® was instrumental in helping Aaron build a first-class leadership team at Home Care Pulse and in the Fall of 2018, it allowed him to step down as CEO and became a Professional EOS Implementer himself, assisting other entrepreneurs to achieve greater success in their businesses.


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